Funny Chewer

Funny Chewer 1.4

Addictive Pacman inspired arcade game with 3D effects

Funny Chewer is a game that any Pac-Man lover will enjoy playing. However, this version of the classic arcade game is in 3D and it offers 40 different levels for the classic yellow chewing ball to run through and escape from monsters.

Funny Chewer’s story goes like this: Little Chewer, named like that because he loved chewing gum, has decided to save his town which is being menaced by Chief Grouchy who wants to close the town’s chewing gum factory that makes all the town citizens so happy.

He manages to get inside the factory but an alarm goes off, and Chief Grouchy’s henchmen are sent to capture him. Chewer must collect as many chewing gum balls as possible without getting caught by Chief Grouchy’s monsters.

Funny Chewer is a fun 3D interfaced game that even with a simple gameplay, will keep you amused for long hours, just as Pac-Man has done it for the past decades.

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